Thank you from your winner – Rhys!

Hey everyone!

What a fantastic couple of weeks I’m an Engineer, get me out of here has been! Thank you to everyone for taking part, I received lots of fantastic questions and took part in really engaging live chats! And of course, thank you for voting me as your winner! I am so thrilled to have been able to talk to so many of you, and hopefully been able to tell you something you didn’t know about engineering.

Especially over the last few weeks, I have seen how important it is that young people in schools have access to role models within science and engineering, access to information about what engineers do and who they are, and I am looking forward to using the prize money to put together leaflets to send through to schools in the UK!

My main aim is to create a leaflet for women in science and engineering, something that will bust the myths around women in science and engineering and give examples of some of the incredibly successful females in engineering that there are out there!

I also want to create a leaflet that talks about what science and engineering is, and what different types are out there – very much inspired by some of your questions! Alongside the leaflets, I am creating a blog/website to be able to include more profiles of engineers and scientists so there is a place you can go to see the range of what scientists and engineers do!

Once the leaflets are designed and printed, I will send them out with a letter to each school – so make sure you remind your teacher to keep an eye out! I will also hopefully be coming to some schools with the leaflets to talk to students, so perhaps I will see you at some point in the future!

Thank you again for all being so great, I really do hope that you have had as good a time as me on IAEGMOOH!
Good luck for the future!

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